Strategy Insights, our predictive analytics solution suite that predicts customer behavior, is now available. Please visit for more information.

- Strategy Insights

Top-performing companies are three times more likely than lower performers to be sophisticated users of analytics, and are two more times likely to say that their analytics use is a competitive differentiator.

- MIT Sloan

Big Data + Artificial Intelligence + Data Mining = Deep Blue.

Organizational leaders need analytics to exploit their growing data and computational power to get smart, and get ahead, in ways they never could before.

- MIT Sloan

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DBMiner Debut
November 15, 2013

Deep Blue Analytics debuts DBMiner , an advanced machine learning system that enables companies build robust predictive models on the fly in high throughput and high dimensional settings. Also, provides strong support for Text Mining. (Learn More)


Deep Blue Analytics Announces the Launch of Strategy Insights, its cloud based predictive analytics solution suite
February 6, 2014

Strategy Insights delivers actionable business insights and predictive signals using Big Data and Machine Learning methodologies...(Read More)