• Is it worth 15 minutes, to understand the business insights locked inside your data?
  • Prophesy can help you do this with State of the Art advancements in Predictive Analytics


Let Prophesy build the best predictive model

Use your Data Scientists’ help in high value activities. And let our system with massive computing powers help you locate best predictive models.

Generate business insights quickly and automatically

The system explores and identifies statistically significant insights and hypothesis. You can interpret the insights to explain the business outcomes and chart your future course of action.

Understand the predictive strength of your data

Prophesy’s unique Predictive Score helps you understand the strength of trends in your data. This information helps you decide on the level and nature of subsequent investments in data and analytics.

Deploy the model you like

Selected models can be deployed in the cloud or behind your firewall to integrate with your operational processes. Minimal effort to integrate with most of your dashboards and systems.

Data Science without an army of Quants and Programmers

Prophesy can deliver business value without deep programming or mathematical skills; you can visualize, export and act on the trends. Advanced analytical users can use the system to generate and evaluate hypotheses and predictive models much more quickly.

Strong Security and Privacy

No one other than you can see the data and analysis. Destroy the data after the analysis. Anonymize your data before it leaves the firewall.


  Prophesy SAS AWS Machine Learning
Data Science skills required Low High Medium
Programming required None Medium Medium
Effort to Business Insights None High Medium
Pricing Model All inclusive flat price Flat price Pay as you go
Predictive Score of Data Yes No No
Model building robots Yes No No
Time to results Minutes/Hours Days Days
Real-time predictions Yes Yes Yes
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